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Founder of Aegean Food Solutions, Mrs. Ilbay, 

She has 15 years of professional experience in production facilities of the restaurant chains that operate in the food sector by franchising system. Apart from being a professional that has especially a good command of all the requirements of the sine-qua-non of the food sector, HACCP food safety management system, she has managed processes of many food products that are necessary for restaurants which are administered centrally through franchising system (from raw material to end product customer). She got actively involved in both production and supply of products that are necessary in the food sector. 

Mrs. Ilbay is a professional that has a good command of management of product development processes (including formulation, determination of production processes, shipment& storage, preparation, cooking and presentation) before end consumer in line with target costs in guidance of Laws on Food Safety in Sector.  She is also very knowledgeable about all processes of a product from field to table and knows how to manage the process on the basis of food safety rules. 

Mrs. Ilbay founded “Aegean Food Solutions” consulting company with a view to reaching larger masses that might need her experience and keep her passion for production and creativity alive in food industry and decided to share her experiences by providing consultancy under her corporate identity. 

Your solution partner in food Aegean Food Solutions


We provide service to all the establishments in food and beverage sector such as restaurants, catering companies, hotels, cafe shops, bistros, fast food restaurants, bakeries that produce bakery products and buffets, which have a kitchen, produce, purchase, store and sell food and that wish to work in accordance with HACCP Food Safety System. 

Food establishments have to operate in accordance with Safe Food Policies of their respective countries whether directly or indirectly. Otherwise, undesired food crimes may occur due to public health threat. Such cases may lead to loss of prestige, monetary loss or severe imprisonment sentences in addition loss of job. Our company has been established to guide you in this direction in order to avoid such situations. 

The aim of our company is to render these laws more comprehensible for your establishment, team or suppliers, to guide, determine possible risks and help you provide safer food for your customers.

Some of the “Safe Food Programmes” which we offer for your establishment with an expert eye:

*** The UK- The Food Standards Agency (FSA) Recommendations on Compliance with Laws on Food Safety,

*** Information and Recommendations on Hygiene, Cross Contamination, Heat Treatment and Cold Chain Applications which are Required for Safe Food Production

*** Establishment of HACCP System for your establishment and Following its Operation

*** Hygiene Courses for your Personnel,

*** Halal Food Procedures

Our services included in Safe Food Programme are prepared exclusively for your establishment within the framework of legal regulations based on customer satisfaction and food safety and its application is followed up. Moreover, announced and unannounced visits are paid to your establishment or supplier and the application of the program is checked. Necessary interventions are made at points of deficiency. It is ensured that the system functions safely. In this way, your reputation improves as a reliable establishment that produces/sells foods that comply with compulsory laws.

Reach us to find out the necessities of your establishment and let’s find out the convenient, usable and effective solution together.


Franchising system enables you to sell your knowledge, experience and concept to the people or institutions which make investment in order to open and run new places. While the franchisor (the one selling franchising) bestows the selling, distributing or running right of the product or service that belongs to him for prices determined, Franchisee (the one buying franchising) purchases the brand, know-how, operation methods and system of this company. It is at this point that Aegean Food Solutions provide consultancy service to the Customers of Food Establishment who want to give franchising but is not sure about how to walk on this path.   

While selling franchising, your customers (the ones getting franchising) need to represent your brand or product in the best manner.  This is directly proportional to how, by which means and at what standards you convey your products, services, distribution, marketing, and training and supervision skills, in other words your know-how skills. Even though the one selling franchising has very good products or service, your brand may be harmed greatly on its way to growth by losing prestige if it fails to convey what it has to convey fully or set the standards appropriately in one of these fields. As Aegean Food Solutions, we help you to draw your roadmap with our experiences so that your brand and customers buying franchising do not incur damage in this direction by relying on our 15 years of experience in the franchising sector.

We act on the principle that your success is our success and stand by your side to help you cover ground all through these processes.

Contact us for details. Let us understand your needs and draw your road map together.


There are two important points for a restaurant or food establishment to be be preferred by customers. The first one is the products and the second one is the quality of service. While your menus are prepared, numerous factors such as the target audience of your products, competition& market analysis, product content, product quality, compliance with the laws, its cost, how, by which means and with which equipment it is going to be prepared with, its presentation and selling price should all be taken into consideration. The right strategies in your product and service are directly linked to the earnings of our establishment. At this point, we can guide you in the strategic steps to be taken for providing earnings for your establishment or conduct improvement studies in your current products. 

Some of Aegean Food Solutions’ Product Development, Product Diversification and Menu Consultancy Solutions are as follows:

***Studying and Formulating your Current Product or Menu Contents, Costing and Pricing Suggestions

***Rival Product Analyses

***New Product Studies (Home- Made Products, Heathy & Organic Products, Vegan or Halal Product Suggestions)

*** Training Processes Relating to your New and Current Products and Preparation of Required Documents

In short, our services cover new or current product research and development studies, costing and price recommendations as well as all the procedures required for personnel training.

Contact us, let us understand your needs, develop solutions together and support you in their application.


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